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We Are a Company of Passionate Business Brokers and Advisors


Management Team

MMCA’s team is as diverse as our business services. Our team’s business experiences, education and interests shape the MMCA’s culture. Our people, each having a unique set of talents, are key to providing the full range of service capabilities.

Exit Strategist Newsletter

We are constantly updating our knowledge base with actual experience from the M&A process, new tools to reduce taxes, creative deal structures, valuations, etc. If you would like to subscribe to receive our new Exit Strategist Newsletter please enter your contact information below. We will send you a follow up confirming email in which you will have to click on the link to verify that you do in fact want to receive these articles.


Sell Your Business

The ten commandments of selling my privately held business selling your business ten steps to maximize value.


What Is Your Company Worth?

What if you are approached by a buyer who says, “I would like to buy your company, how much do you want?” Would you have an answer?

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