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montblanc starwalker fountain pen ebay Any runner who voluntarily leaves the way-marked path is no longer under the responsibility of the organisation.


Each runner will be supplied with electronic chips fixed to their race-bibs. Runners who do not have their 2 chips permanently with them will be penalised. A control is carried out on the arrival of any rescue or refreshment post. Unexpected control posts are set up in places other than the rescue and refreshment posts. Their position is not communicated by the organisation. Only the runners carrying a visible and duly controlled race number have access to the refreshment posts . The race guide and the relevant pages on the internet give a precise list of the refreshment points.

2 types of refreshments are offered:

Refreshments of drinks only: plain water*, sparkling water*, energizing drinks, Cola*, coffee*, tea*, noodle soup. Complete refreshments: drinks (as above) + cereal or energizing bars, sweet cakes, chocolate*, bananas*, oranges*, raisins*, prunes*, salty biscuits, cheese*, sausage*, bread.

* Product without gluten

Furthermore, a hot dish is offered in Chapieux and in Courmayeur for the UTMB®, at Champex for the UTMB® and the CCC®, at the Cormet de Roselend for the TDS® (A ration without gluten will be available upon request). An end of race meal is served in Chamonix. To avoid the wastage of disposable plastic cups during the race, every runner has to equip himself with a tumbler with a minimum volume of 15cl. Attention, water-bottles and flasks are not beakers ! Due to the large numbers, disposable beakers will be used at the following points:

The first 3 UTMB® refreshment posts (Les Houches, Saint-Gervais and Les Contamines Montjoie) The 1st TDS® refreshment post (Col Checrouit-Maison Vieille) The 1st OCC refreshment post

Every runner seen throwing down their litter along the route will be penalized. Trash cans are provided in large numbers at every refreshment post and must be used.


The maximum time for the event, for the totality of the course, is fixed at:

UTMB® : 46:30 hours CCC® : 26:30 hours TDS® : 33:00 hours OCC : 14:30 hours

The time limits for leaving (time barriers) of the principle control posts will be marked and written in the course guide. These time barriers are calculated to enable participants to reach the Finish in the maximum time imposed, while making possible stops (rest, meal…) To be authorised to continue the event, runners must set off again from the control post before the fixed time limit (whatever their arrival hour at the control post). Any competitor excluded from the race and wishing to continue his race can only do so after returning his race number, at his own responsibility and in complete autonomy. In the case of poor meteorological conditions and/or for reasons of safety, the organisation reserves the right to stop the event underway or to modify the time barriers.


Uniquely for UTMB® : at Les Chapieux, Courmayeur and Champex each competitor can benefit from a rest area (with camp beds and blankets). All races: a rest area is available in Chamonix for all runners. This room is strictly reserved for runners who have just finished their race. This by no means constitutes, in any from, an accommodation solution for an entire night. Those runners who wish to stay on in Chamonix after the race must make their own accommodation arrangements. It is possible to take a hot shower, only at the arrival . Throughout the course, showers - when there is one - are only available on medical advice. Access to the rest area and to the showers at the arrival is strictly limited to runners in bare feet.


Except for injury, a runner must only abandon at a control post. They must alert the head of post, who will invalidate their race-bib. The runner keeps his invalidated race bib because it is still his pass for shuttles, buses, meals, care rooms… Repatriation will be decided on by the post leader, based on the following general rules :

Buses are available from certain refreshment posts indicated by a pictogram “bus” on the event route maps to repatriate runners, who abandon, back to Chamonix. Runners who abandon at another rescue or refreshment post but whose state of health does not necessitate being evacuated must get back as quickly as possible and by their own means to the closest repatriation point. Concerning the refreshment or rescue posts accessible to cars or four-wheel drive During the closure of the post, the organisation can, in the measure of means available, repatriate the runners having retired and still present at the post ln the case of unfavourable weather conditions justifying partial or total closure of the race, the organisation ensures the repatriation as soon as possible of those runners having retired.

In case of abandonment before a control point, it is imperative to return to the previous control point and inform the post leader of one’s abandonment. If, during this return, the runner meets the end of race sweepers, it is them who invalidate the race bib. The runner is then no longer under the organisation’s control.


For better night vision, the way markers include a section of yellow reflective material which will be easily visible with a head torch. ATTENTION: if you can not see any more markers, retrace your steps! With respect for the environment no paint will be used on the paths. It is imperative that you follow the paths with the markers without taking short cuts. In effect, short cutting the paths leads to erosion which damages the site.


When you finish, you will receive a finisher’s gift.


Race officials present on the course, and those in charge of different control and refreshment posts are authorised to uphold regulations and to immediately (*) impose a penalty for non-respect, based on the following chart :

BREACH OF RULES PENALTY (*) – DISQUALIFICATION UTMB® - CCC® - TDS® OCC Short-cutting the route  At the race directors' decision Lacking obligatory safety equipment (no minimum water supply of 1 litre, no waterproof jacket with hood, no torch, no survival blanket, no mobile phone)  Immediate disqualification Lacking other obligatory equipment (running trousers or leggings, 1 single torch, cap or bandana, hat, warm long sleeved clothing whistle, adhesive elastic band, food reserves, cup/tumbler, waterproof over-trousers, warm and waterproof gloves  Penalty 1 hour  Penalty 30 min Refuse to have obligatory equipment checked out  Disqualification Throwing away rubbish (voluntary act) by a competitor or a member of their team  Penalty 1 hour  Penalty 30 min Not respecting people (organisation or runners)  Penalty 1 hour  Penalty 30 min Not assisting a person in difficulty (requiring official assistance)  Penalty 1 hour  Penalty 30 min Receiving help outside authorised zones  Penalty 1 hour  Penalty 30 min Being accompanied along the course outside the tolerance zones clearly marked close to the refreshment posts  Penalty 15 min  Penalty 10 min Cheating (e.g.: using transport, sharing race number,…)  Immediate disqualification and for life Race number not visible  Penalty 15 min  Penalty 10 min Not wearing the race number in the correct manner  Penalty 15 min (during which the runner adjusts his race number in the correct manner)  Penalty 10 min (during which the runner adjusts his race number in the correct manner) Recognised dangerous attitude (e.g.: sticks with unprotected points pointing at the runners or the spectators)  Penalty 15 min  Penalty 10 min Lacking an electronic chip According to the race director's decision Not passing through a control point According to the race director's decision Refusal to comply with an order from race control, from a race official, from a head of post, from a doctor or from a rescue worker  Disqualification Refusal to accept an anti-drug test The runner will be sanctioned as if found guilty of taking drugs Departure from a control post after the hour limitation  Disqualification Pack not tagged  Penalty 1 hour  Penalty 30 min Use of sticks not carried with you at the beginning of the race  Penalty 1 hour  Penalty 30 min

(*) Time penalties are immediately applicable in situ, that's to say a runner while be required to interrupt their race for the duration of the penalty.

Any other breach of the regulations will be the object of a penalty decided by the race directors.


Any competitor can be submitted to an anti-drug control before, during or at the end of a race. If he/she refuses or abstains, the sportsman or woman is treated as if found guilty of taking drugs.


All objections must be in writing and lodged with the course director, with a caution of 100 (one hundred) euros (non-returnable if the objection is not valid), within two hours of the arrival of the runner concerned.


This is made up of:

one of the Trailers du Mont-Blanc's co-presidents race directors a representative of the runners and relevant people chosen for their competences by the president and course director

The jury is authorised to give a ruling in the time compatible within the imperatives of the race on all the objections lodged during the event. The decisions will be without appeal.


The organisation reserves the right to modify at any moment the route and the positioning of the rescue and refreshment posts, without warning. In the case of unfavourable weather conditions (important quantities of rain or snow at altitude, strong risk of storms….) the start may only be postponed by a maximum several hours, after that time the race is cancelled. In the case of poor meteorological conditions, and for reasons of safety, the organisation reserves the right to stop the event underway or to modify the time barriers. In case of cancellation of an event, for whatever reason, decided more than 15 days before the date of the start of the race, a partial refund of the registration fees will be made. The amount of this refund will be fixed so as to allow the organisation to cover all irredeemable expenses committed, up to the date of the cancellation. In case of a cancellation decided less than 15 days before the departure or in case of interruption of the race, for whatever the reason, no refund of the registration fee will be made


Civil responsibility: The organiser has taken out civil responsibility insurance for the duration of the event. This civil responsibility insurance guarantees the financial consequences of its responsibility, of that of its officials and of the participants.

Individual accident: Each competitor must, obligatorily, have their own accident insurance which will cover any costs of search and rescue in France, Italy and Switzerland. Such insurance can be taken out with any organisation of the competitor’s choice in particular with the French Federation of Athletics via the subscription of the ‘Pass’ Running’ or membership

Those of you running around the planet to quench your passion are becoming more and more numerous. So that you can be serene at the the start of your UTMB® race, we would like to remind you that you must have individual accident insurance which covers any eventual search and rescue and repatriation costs in France, Italy and Switzerland.* Such an insurance policy may be taken out with the organisation of your choice. For more information, go to the website http://itra.run/page/353/Insurance.html NB: you have to pay for helicopter evacuation. The choice of the evacuation depends exclusively on the organisation, which will systematically the prioritise the runners’ security


A guide is down-loadable from www.utmbmontblanc.com from the month of June or is sent during the month of June exclusively to the runners who have requested it at their registration (14€ costs). It includes in particular practical information such as the cut off times, refreshment posts, rescue posts, care posts, as well as access points for accompanying persons.


The preview of 2017 films will be downloadable in HD and from each participant's runner's page as from the end of October. Runners who would like to receive the  films on DVD may do so by ordering them at registration (15€). Pre-ordered  DVDs will be sent out by post at the end of November.


For the 4 races, only the runners arriving at Chamonix (UTMB®, CCC®, TDS® & OCC) are classed. For each race, a general classification man and woman and a classification for each category man and woman are established. UTMB®: the first 10 men and the first 10 women in the general classification, as well as the first 3 from each category receive a trophy and a prize CCC®, TDS® & OCC: the first 5 men and the first 5 women in the general classification, as well as the first 3 from each category receive a trophy and a prize


Competitors who are sponsored may only have the sponsor's logos on their clothing or equipment used during the race. All other publicity accessories (flags, banners) are forbidden at all points of the race including at the finish, at the risk of penalties imposed by the jury.


Every competitor relinquishes their claim to photographic copyright during the event, and he relinquishes any recourse against the organiser and against his approved partners for the use of his image. Only the organisation can pass on these rights for the image in any media, via an accreditation or an adapted license.

Ultra-Trail®, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, UTMB®, CCC®, TDS® and PTL® are legal trademarks. Any communication about the event or use of photographs of the event must be made respecting the name of the event, the trademarks and with the official agreement of the organisation.

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