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Chicago Blackhawks Vs Pittsburgh Penguins Live Stream, Watch Ice Hockey Free - 22-01-2015 pens hockey streaming live

Chicago Blackhawks vs Pittsburgh Penguins Live Stream
Chicago Blackhawks & Pittsburgh Penguins at United Center in Hockey is streaming live on the internet on 22-01-2015! You can get live here!

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ICE HOCKEY: 24-01-2016

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The next ICE HOCKEY kick-off between PIT Penguins & WAS Capitals at in ICE HOCKEY is streaming live via the net on 24-01-2016!

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Gameday 7: Flahda, sweet Flahda


After their first 2 day break between games the Penguins are back in action tonight as they welcome the Florida Panthers to The Paint Can. The Panthers were last season’s darlings, as they charged to the top of their division and made it to the playoffs for the first time since I don’t know when because it is Florida and I don’t care enough to look it up. One thing is for sure, the Pens are playing Florida tonight so..

we’re getting scored on by this man.

Tonight technically marks the first game Jaromir Jagr has played in the PPG Paints Arena, which means technically he hasn’t been booed in this arena yet. Hopefully it stays that way. Booing Jagr is completely pointless, and when he eventually retires, his number should be in the rafters of whatever the arena will be called then, right beside 66. How long has Jagr been in the league? In his rookie season East and West Germany reunited, the Gameboy was released a month after he was drafted, and Wilson Phillips was on top of the billboards with “Hold On.”

Craig “The Ross” Lobster’s Take

I would be okay with the Penguins not playing up to snuff if my TAX DOLLARS didn’t go towards them playing a perfect season every year!

Every single member of the Pittsburgh Penguins was standing motionless at the end of all the driveways on our street this morning. Oh, it was GARBAGE DAY? Could have fooled me.

So with that blurb I would like to take a moment to introduce some new @penshockeyblog contributors, we bonded with these guys over whiskey, immaturity, and ignorance, and we figured that with those three things working for us, we couldn’t lose. They will be popping in from time to time to give their hot inside takes on the games, both pregame and postgame, but let’s introduce them first:

No clue how long this will last, but hopefully everyone enjoys their contributions as much as we do



Crosby, Murray and Sheary all have a possibility of playing tonight, so we will update this as the day goes on

This is DEFINITELY a record for the most Irish suiting up for an NHL team at one time. Except maybe for Team Ireland, which sounds amazing, really. Imagine the fights.

Jagr can score but FRK the Irish!

After looking at Florida’s starting lineup, the main question running through your head is most likely:

Florida is playing some good hockey right now, and the Pens haven’t put a full game together yet this season. If Letang stays out of the lineup, look for a similar game to Nashville. Last season towards the end of the year the Florida game was a huge momentum turning game for the Pens, and obviously it is too early in the season for one of those, but it would be nice to have a solid 60 minute game at least once in the first 10.

PPYM with this gem

Tonight is also the Penguins turn for “Hockey Fights Cancer” night, a tremendous month-long effort for the NHL to raise money for cancer research. To any of our readers or their loved ones that are affected by cancer, keep fighting the fight, you can make it, and FRK cancer!




Yeah…he’s living in Florida …but he ain’t retired yet Sonny Jim!

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Soooo…are we eating at the Amish place tonight…or KFC?

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Author Brendannn Posted on October 24, 2016 October 25, 2016 Categories Gameday-16/17 PensPointsYourMom

Nice GD Rad. Haha. FLA’s 3rd line center is named Malgin…botched Malkin cloning experiment?


Shit I didn’t realize that! I was too focused on all the Irish McC and MacKs they’ve got going on


That’s so crazy in hockey. Way too Irish tonight! Hope they’re drunk on Jameson.


Good Morning all! The anticipation that Sid may play is killing me! #LGP https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d2e2793a1cc4c5736de8a28e546fd9567c7c2b65940b13e8abfa4168a9bc60a.jpg


Great GD Rad! Keep it up man, I always look forward to the new GD thread. It makes mornings at work much gooder! lol


Haha glad we can help! This one was a team effort, I can’t take full credit for this one

Ungaba Intrepid

Is everyone else going to ignore the three Mcs playing in this game? When the frk did Scots start playing hockey? McKegg? Are you frking serious? Not to mention three completely unpronounceable names – Rau, Sceviour and Pysyk. Jeezus, forgot Marchessault. Even Jagr if frking weird if you think about it.


hahaha just typed this below on PPYMs comment. McCs and MacKs

Ungaba Intrepid

Anyone mind if I throw in an edit?

Ungaba Intrepid

I didn’t wait for permission.



That is too glorious, you need no permission for that!

Ungaba Intrepid

Any chance to work in a Blazing Saddles reference should be relished, I agree.


blazing saddles, major league, a cocaine gif… trifecta


I just called 563-8621…I purchased the carved banana and the one that looks like a herpes inflicted vagina


how much were they asking?

Ungaba Intrepid

Does it really matter??? NAME YOUR PRICE, MAN!!!


The banana was $500…they said they’d give me the herbes for free.


Reasonably worth it.


….says every lonely woman ever.


Canadian fans already asking for a Radulov contract extension. It’s been 5 games. They never learn

Ungaba Intrepid

Radulov will miss Russia after 2 more months of playing for Therrien.


Montreal = stupide


#hockeyporn…just look at the title of this article, it was about something entirely different than what I had expected…


Ungaba Intrepid



hockey porn is my favorite creation of this blog so far

Ungaba Intrepid

By Far. Honestly, nothing cums close…


It keeps me cumming back for more


It can be really hard at times though.

click through to the Trib article…it states that Crosby “injects intensity”. I bet he does

and a satisfied team mate stated… “It’s good to see the smile on his face and the fire back in his eyes a little bit,” Cullen said.


I do worry if we will reach a climax with it


Quote from Sidney: “Ohh, ooohhh, oohhhhh”


Did we retain the rights to Positivity Blog in the divorce? Might need it if we dip below 500 in our record soon